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The following is a compilation of mercenaries newbies should reroll for. Only gacha mercenaries were included, and none of those obtained via ancient coins
As a word of advice, always try to aim for at least one S/A tier warrior (two is ideal). This will make your early game much easier, and give you larger freedom when you do banner rolls.

To have an idea what the tiers represent :

  • S : Mercenaries that are viable straight from +0, or with minimum investment
  • A : Mercenaries that require medium/heavy investment before they become useful.
  • B : Mercenaries that either require heavy long time investment to be useful, or are slowly falling off meta.

If there is another Tier List you would like to suggest added, leave a message on the Discussion page.

Tier Lists[edit]

Reroll tier.png

Keep in mind that these tierlists are always changing based on the updates/powercreep, and as such, we prompt you to check/ask if your favorite mercenary is still viable.
We'll try to keep the list updated as often as possible!